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What To Do in Case Of An Auto Accident

  • Get the name, address, home telephone number, drivers license number, automobile license plate number, work location, and work number of the party who injured you.

  • Contact the Police or Highway Patrol. This is particularly important if you are going to make an uninsured motorist claim.

  • DO NOT admit to making any mistakes or use terms such as "I'm Sorry." These could be used as admissions and could negatively effect your claim.

  • Record the date, time, location, road conditions, and weather conditions of the scene of the accident.

  • In your own words, write down the nature of the accident, and what happened to you.

  • Immediately seek emergency medical attention, if necessary.

  • Immediately take photographs of any damage done to your personal property before repairs are begun.

  • Call our office to evaluate whether you have the right to be compensated for damages incurred due to your injury or property damage.